About Us

HOBBYE SHOPPE LLC’s mission is to develop products that are high quality, attractive, functional, and that make a difference in people’s lives. Also to be produced by individuals with disabilities and provide jobs for those who need it the most.

After enjoying a successful career in the corporate environment for 37 years, I stepped out into the world of retirement. I gave up the company credit cards, the computers, the free travel, and a brand name in the company. I felt like a ship without a rudder. Considering my background as a Sylvania executive, I had to become re-energized in order to be transformed so that I could effectively start over. Not knowing what to do with myself, I started working with some home-schooled students and later individuals who were physically challenged. I was pleased to learn that they do quality work. I discovered a whole new world filled with opportunities to help others grow and be productive. People with disabilities want to work, be independent, and self-supporting. With my background, I began asking myself, “How can I help them?” I started a company called THE HOBBYE SHOPPE LLC to develop products and simple ways to build these products. As a result, some high quality handcrafted useful Paper Towel Holder and Napkin Holder evolved that offer great benefits. Because of their unique design and functionality, a patent application was applied for and granted.

These products are certified Kentucky Proud (Certificate # 10254).

BAWAC is a non-profit organization that employs people with various disabilities. Many of these workers have special skills they want to use to be productive and show they can make a difference. They take pride in the quality of their workmanship and appreciate their job, knowing it allows them to live a life of independence.

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