Fundraising for BAWAC and other local charities

Raising funds for those who need it the most is a joy knowing your gift improves the life of disabled individuals that wants to be independent and make a contribution themselves. My wife and I had the opportunity to put together a basket with one of my unique paper towel holders (made by BAWAC) with a few other gift items to be auctioned at the yearly bean bash to raise money for BAWAC and other charities in the area. The high bid for our basket went for over $200. Needless to say, we celebrated and thanked the bidder for valuing our gift enough to bid that high. I can see why it is better to give that to receive. We often think of this time of year is the time for giving, but to help charities is any time of the year. Have you made your gift this year?

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Appalachian Day at Alice Lloyd College

I had the privilege of visiting Alice Lloyd College this past weekend in the beautiful hills of Eastern Kentucky for the Appalachian Day Arts and Crafts Festival. I promoted my unique patented handcrafted paper towel holder and demonstrate how people with disabilities can manufacture a product at low cost and high quality.

Can you imagine going to a college where tuition is free and the college takes no government money for support? It sits between two mountains with a stream of water, called Caney Creek, running through the middle of the campus.  The buildings are constructed from native stone and other materials that blend with the natural surroundings, making it conducive to dreaming, creating, and learning about what might lie ahead for each student. I know. I was one of those students over 50 years ago. Students become teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, politicians, writers, inventors, ministers, and servant leaders all over the world.

The college was named for its founder, Alice Lloyd, who left the Boston area and came to the mountains of Kentucky, 100 years ago (1917) and started a school for boys and girls of Appalachia. From the Founders Shack (below) she wrote letters to raise money to fund the school. Today the college is debt free, borrows no money, and new construction is started only when funds are available.

Alumni support is one of the highest among U.S. colleges at 47%. Donations are always appreciated, no matter how small.


Founders Shack

From this small shack, Alice Lloyd started a successful college and 115 other local schools throughout the mountains of Eastern Kentucky beginning in 1923. Millions of lives have been impacted over the years thanks to the work of this one lady.




Raising Money for BAWAC

We spent a week at the county fair selling our paper towel holders and napkin holders. Although it was a warm week it was well worth the time we spent there. All of our products support the people with disabilities who make the products.


Helping those who need it the most

Greg Austing works hard at his job at BAWAC Inc. BAWAC is a production facility located at 7970 Kentucky Drive, Florence, Kentucky that provides employment, training, vocational, and life skills to people who have disabilities. (Boone County Recorder)

Greg, like many individuals with disabilities wants to be on their own, have a job, and make a contribution. They just need a little help.

I spent many year inventing for a large company. After retirement, I started using my skills to invent products that BAWAC could manufacture. Their workmanship is superb and they take pride in what they do.

My interest stems from my autistic daughter. Watching her progress motivates me to volunteer my time to help people like Greg gain employment and independence.

What is your skill and how can it be used to help others? You may already be volunteering, but I would like to hear from you.

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