How Manufacturing Products with Disabled Individuals Makes a Difference

Manufacturing products by disabled individuals send a clear message to the community that the company values social responsibility. It also shows that management looks beyond disabilities and physical limitations when hiring people for their team. They focus, instead, on the applicant’s ability and potential to contribute to the workplace. granitepic_x

For individuals with disabilities looking for work, getting pass the hiring process is crucial. While the company sees this as a way to expand work opportunities. for the disabled individual, landing a job is a step toward economic inclusion and independence.

The wide array of quality and functional products show the skills and workmanship put into the manufacturing process by the employees. While quality is important, consumers purchasing a product are also assured that their money supports a good cause. Their investment goes back to the community and creates more jobs and opportunities for disabled individuals. In turn, regular employment contributes to the uplifting of the quality of life of disabled individuals.

Companies that manufacture products by individuals with disabilities are contributing to the local economy. This is important since employment of people with disabilities across industry sectors have been historically low. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics only 17.5 percent of persons with a disability were employed in 2015, in comparison to 65 percent of persons without disability. A BLS survey also noted that when respondents were asked to identify the barriers or challenges that they encountered in landing a job, approximately 80 percent said that their own disability was a barrier to employment.

Bringing employment numbers up for this group entails changing employer perceptions on what individuals with disabilities can and cannot do. The good news is, there are companies that are changing these perceptions. While some fail to see the potentials of individuals with disabilities to productively contribute in the workplace, these companies are stepping up, expanding their recruitment, and encouraging their employees to create quality products.

bengalsWhile addressing the call for social responsibility, these companies are also tapping into a labor pool with vast skill sets and abilities. These untapped talents may have what it takes to provide that much needed labor boost in a company seeking to expand employment numbers. Having individuals with disabilities in the team also helps the company improve by adding a new perspective to human resource or customer relations.

Manufacturing products made by individuals with disabilities also boosts employee morale and productivity, It also sends the message to the community that the company supports diversity in the workplace.

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